The Board of Directors

Mr. Shlomi Fogel – Chairman of the Board

Holder of controlling interest in the company, Mr. Fogel is also a manager and a director in several additional companies in a wide and diversified range of activities.

Mr. Shlomo Peretz – Director

Bachelor in Economics and Master of Business Administration (Finance) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During the last years he was involved in the promotion and management of real estate and communication projects and also in the planning and management of working programs for the Ministry of Communication and Courts of Justice. In the past, he was Chairman of the Investment Committee in Dash Provident Funds Ltd.

Mr. Rami Guzman – Director

Mr. Guzman holds a B.A. in Economics and an M.A. in Business and Public Administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was a Research Fellow at Stanford University and Stanford Research Institute, California, USA. He was CFO and Director in Motorola Israel and Vice President of Motorola Inc. He serves also as Director in several companies, in Bank Leumi Le-Israel Ltd. and as member of various governmental commissions.

Dr. Zvi Lieber – Director

Dr. Lieber holds an MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Chicago-USA. He is also a Certified Actuary from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr. Lieber is a business and financial consultant of various companies and was a senior lecturer in the Tel-Aviv University, in the fields of Financial Accounting, Management and Operations Research. He served as Director in several companies and in the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd. He currently serves as Director in Baran Ltd., Ritalix Ltd., Europort Ltd. and as Chairman of Analyst Underwriting and Issuing Ltd.